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Announcement to only some of SubAccounts not all

Announcement to only some of SubAccounts not all

We have 37 SubAccounts as of today with the possibility of more in the future.  There are times when we need to send an announcement to maybe half of those SubAccounts or any other numeric possibility that is not all of them.  Right now the only way to do that is one by one which is time consuming.  It would be nice to be able to select SubAccounts to send an announcement to the way currently we can select by either Course roles or Account roles.

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New Member

As a Canvas Root Admin, it would be great to have the ability to publish a Global Announcements to multiple, targeted subaccounts.  Right now, I can either post a Global Announcement to the entire instance, or I can go into each individual subaccount to post it.  It would be great if I could post from the Root Admin level and choose which subaccounts it posts to. For instance, there are times I need to post to only secondary schools or only elementary schools. It's really annoying (and time consuming) to have to go into multiple individual subaccounts to post the same announcement.