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Announcements: Upload Attachments

Announcements: Upload Attachments

The ability to upload an attachment directly into an announcement only allows for the upload of one document.  While documents could be uploaded and linked from the user’s files, it would be preferred if the user could attach multiple documents via the “Upload” feature to the individual announcement posting.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for submitting this idea,‌. As Joshua mentioned, it is possible to provide students with multiple files via an announcement by leveraging the Content Selector, so for those who are looking for a near-term remedy,‌ details the process in Is there a way to attach multiple files to an announcement? 


I SO agree -- We so often need to attach multiple files to discussions. This functionality was be awesome and so much easier than linking to several documents in the body to the files tool.

Community Member

I'm surprised this was submitted two years ago and it has not been implemented. Being able to upload more than one attachment in an announcement would be very helpful.