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There should be a setting such that anyone enrolled in a Canvas course as a TA is automatically anonymous to students, not just in the Doc Viewer but also in the Submissions Comment box. I don't want students to think they can negotiate their score with the graders, and when the grader's name is displayed, it opens them up to harassment.

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I need a way to make Instructor and TA comments anonymous on the right-hand sidebar in speedgrader.  I need to be able to keep my TA or grader anonymous if I want to for a variety of reasons.  This is the standard practice, so I need that option. 

It is also VERY confusing that there is an option to make comments anonymous, but it only affects the crocadoc annotations attached to documents the students submit and NOT the right-hand sidebar comments in speedgrader.  It's the speedgrader comments that show up in the gradebook, that students actually read.  Students do not notice the crocadoc document annotations, they are not easy to find or read, and they do not show up in the gradebook.

Please add a way to anonymize my TA's comments on the right-hand sidebar of speedgrader.  

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I am looking for this feature as well.

In my Virginia public school division, we have moved our state writing assessment into Canvas in order to provide a safer, paperless experience in the midst of COVID. Previously, students printed essays, and scorers took them home to grade.

SN: Other Virginia school systems are interested in this method, but until it is 100% secure--with this issue being the single flaw--it can't be shared out as flawlessly effective.

I have a course with the writing assessments in as Quizzes (Essay question type), and the scorers are added to the course as teachers. I have student names hidden in SpeedGrader for unbiased scoring of the responses. However, once we manually release scores, students will be able to see who scored their essay if they look at the rubric (which reads "Assessment by [Teacher Name]) or look at the comments (which have the commenters name beside them). This opens the door for haggling or harassment if a student doesn't agree with his or her score.

Valuable feedback is an important part of the writing portfolio process that Virginia has mandated for the high school state assessment for English, so I desperately wish there was a way for the scorers to provide students with that feedback and still protect their identity.

Please make this happen!

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I found ways to anonymize annotations in the speedgrader but it does not look like it is possible to anonymize the comment box on the right-hand side.  Professor has TAs grading assignments by using the comment box and wanted them to be anonymized.


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I agree 100% with @emily_hardegree & @mmenvielle. Some of our graders are undergrads with our students, so having these anonymous to avoid potential awkward or inappropriate encounters with classmates is important.

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Anonymous grading (where the grader identity is hidden) is needed in some of our larger courses where there are thousands of enrolled students and hundreds of graders. The only workaround we've found is to create a generic "grader account" for each grader that is assigned to a block of students within a course. Of course that's one more password for them to remember...

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I'd like to have the option of TA comments not being identifiable.  Students do not need to know the name of the TA that commented or graded.  If they have an issue the faculty can find out.  There is an option to make students anonymous to help with this, but the TAs should be anonymous too.

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Excellent Comment and suggestion Emily!!!!!

Very well stated with the exact reasons and justifications.

I will deal with issues, I don't want TAs subjected to harassment.

CANVAS, please provied an option to make assignment comments anonyomous. You do this for annotations which is good but we need it in comments.

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