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Apply Status [missing, late, excused] while in Speedgrader

Apply Status [missing, late, excused] while in Speedgrader


With the new Gradebook, you can apply one of these status items to an assignment:



Our professors would like the ability to toggle different status markers while they are in Speedgrader.


As stated by many above; It is very time consuming to go back to the grade page and mark missing. I would like to be able to do this on SPEED GRADER with a simple letter or code.

Also, after a student turns in a missing assignment it would be nice if it removes the missing comment. It sometimes takes me a week to get to items turned in late and students start emailing about the lingering message and 0.

Honestly, I am surprised this still hasn't been resolved since people have been commenting on it for a long period of time. 



Normally I mark missing work with a zero and the "missing" label in PowerSchool. It helps my parents have a better grasp of why their child has the grade that is posted. Without that "missing" label, they assume I messed up or that their child missed every single question which they assume means I didn't teach it. Either way, the parents blame me unless I include the "missing" label.

While I love the ability to sync to PowerSchool, I have not been able to make this "missing" label work for me. It is so cumbersome to grade in speedgrader, and then flip to the gradebook to click on each 0 and then click the arrow to pop out the side bar to then click on missing. It is just too many steps. If I am grading in speedgrader, then I should be able to do everything grading entails, which includes making notes about missing, being late, or being excused.


This would be really great!  I frequently have students turn in work late because they just added near the beginning of the semester and it would be nice not to have to grade their work in speed grader, then go into grades and remove the late penalty.


This is definitely needed!  I would LOVE to be able to change the status in the Speedgrader.  It does not make sense to have to go back to the grade book all the time to adjust the setting.  It is very helpful for tracking students but takes too many steps.  


I'd like the ability to change status markers in SpeedGrader. I would also like to be able to change the points deducted for individual students.  The student might be late but have an excuse for some of that lateness.  So, rather than an all-or-nothing approach, I would like to modify the point deductions. 

Surveyor II

I've been wanting this as well!  It would save so much time not to have to go back to the gradebook to manually update statuses.  In ADDITION, I would love to see ALL status options included (specifically the green resubmit option since our students are allowed to redo their work for a better score.)


Why has this idea not gone anywhere?! This is a necessary fix.


I rather wish you could also remove all Late assignment labels for a particular assignment in the gradebook, or for all assignments for those who don't like these labels.

Surveyor II

Yes please! 

  • instead of needing to go back to the gradebook
    • We should be able to see and change the status in speedgrader 
    • We should be able to edit comments in speedgrader
  • The due date (even when there are multiple dates due to an extension being given) should show in speedgrader (or notification of how overdue a late assignment is).  We can see when the student submitted the work, but are not always able to see the due date in this view.

I end up doing a lot of clicking back and forth from the speedgrader, to the gradebook, then to the assignment page, and I end up with several tabs open for multiple sections of a course.

  • This concerns me because I have read in these forums that working on grades in more than one tab or browser can create an issue with comments and/or grades not saving -
  • and working in speedgrader had turned out to be much less 'speedy' than I hoped it would be...



I fully agree with the need to better integrate the features of the Gradebook within SpeedGrader. Being able to adjust the status of an assignment would make using SpeedGrader much more frictionless, especially when dealing with large classes. I allow late submissions for homework, but because I have the Gradebook automatically mark all late assignments as a 0 (thanks to Canvas only allowing a single late submission policy),  I have to go to the Gradebook and manually adjust any submissions after the deadline (even if it's just 10 seconds past due!). This interrupts my workflow greatly.


Absolutely. Everything should be in one place (Speedgrader) or in both places. I don't know how to upvote, but if my comment upvotes, great. I don't understand why these things are not obvious and implemented immediately. Are there ANY experienced instructors in the team that designs and codes stuff in Canvasland?


This would save so much time and so many headaches! I only grade through speed grader. If I have an assignment as an external tool it doesn't show any status whatsoever. And if I have an assignment that has a text box for students working at home but a "show me in class" option for students doing in-person learning it marks everything missing even after I give them a grade. I would love to be able to mark down their grade and that the assignment was submitted all at the same time. As is, I have to go to the gradebook and mark each and every assignment. It is very tedious. I would love status options in speed grader!


We are currently able to mark EX in the assignment column.  Can we please have the option to mark M for missing or L for late.  


It would be nice and helpful if you could make changes to student's assignment status in Speedgrader.

The same status changes that are available in the grade function: Late, Exempt, None, etc... should be available in speedgrader per individual student.


Thank you.

Surveyor II

Agree!  In order to excuse latework, you must leave speedgrader, search the gradebook for that particular assignment, then click. Doesn't make sense.  All teachers would appreciate it.  Assigning a grade in a gradebook should not take more than a few seconds once the work has been graded.  

Also, I would love to be able to excuse latework while grading from the iPad.  

Thank you.  




Yes please from 2021.


Can you please allow us to change the status directly in the speed grader feature as opposed to having to go back into the gradebook to change it after scoring all the assignments.  It requires me to remember the names of the students I need to change.  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but very time consuming.


Thank you!

Heather Curtaz