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Assign To- Paste CSV List of Students

Assign To- Paste CSV List of Students

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When giving an assignment to a few students it would be great to be able to paste a comma separated list of names into the "Assign To" box.

This would be very similar to pasting email addresses into an email.  Canvas could check each name in the pasted list against the enrolled students and use a different color if a name is not on the list of enrolled students.

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This would be a HUGE time saver for teachers. 

Even better, teachers could create "Lists" that would show up in the dropdown.

For example:

A choir teacher could assign different pieces to small groups in the choir that wouldn't be a group project.

A newspaper teacher could assign stories to a list of writers and photo assignments to a list of photographers.

The current system assumes all teachers have to give all students the exact same assignments in a class or provide individual differentiation. This assumption does not fit for many courses especially those in the "electives" world.


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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, you might be interested in adding your comments to this related idea: Differentiate Assignments.

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YES!! Right now we are having to individually assign almost every assignment due to the every changing list of quarantined and in-person students. The list changes daily so it is not feasible to use sections. If we could copy and paste from a CSV, then have the "Assign to" box recognize the names right away versus having to type and click on each individual name this would be a huge time saver.

Another idea would be when you click on the "Assign to", to be able to see a list of all the students' names with a checkbox next to each one. Then you could at least more quickly go through the list and check the box for all learners to add them at the same time to the assignment. 

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CSV is a great option. But why not allow users to utilize the already created Groups feature in assigning assignments and quizzes? It would be the equivalent. This would help all teachers but especially those that want to differentiate in cross-listed courses.

Currently, to my knowledge, the Groups feature is limited to assignments with Online submission types that can be done together. Nowhere else.

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I agree this would be a great help. Right now we are having to individually assign almost every exam due to students disability requirements which is time intensive and easy to make errors.

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I agree with all comments above.  This would be a massive time saver, more user friendly and would reduce errors.