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Assign to by Group for Individual Assignment

Assign to by Group for Individual Assignment

This idea was submitted previously and archived (see below). I would also request the same thing. For individual assignments, I would like to be able to "Assign to" by Group. I often divide the class into groups with varying discussion assignments or assignment due dates, yet these are individual assignments. I teach large classes, so it is too much work to type in individual names repeatedly.


Assign to" Student Groups for Individual Assessment


I want to be able to create Groups based on their modification or need and assign it to that group.Currently we have teachers who have to type in a LOT of student names when it's a modified assignment. Being able to pre-create groups with those students in them and assign or exclude that group would save a lot of time.

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I have to type in around 140 names for my 6 classes to assign each group of kids an assignment  (different assignment) and it take a lot of time each week that I could be doing something more worthwhile. When I used a different system previously, it was not like that, so Canvas does seem behind the times in that regard.

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This would be extremely helpful as a I run an extremely differentiated classroom in regards to types of students present. Wish that this was currently existing for our hybrid learning. 

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It's tough typing the same names every time for every quiz to differentiate due dates. It would be greatly appreciated if I could just select already created groups. I need this to assign varying due dates to students with accommodations. It would be easier to pick a group I already created called "time and half" for students who get 1.5 x regular time. Thanks! Have a great day.