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Assign to everyone except selected students

Assign to everyone except selected students

There are some assignments that go out to the majority of my students except one or two per class. It would be great to be able to assign to "everyone" and then have a button to select which students are exempt from the assignment.
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With this issue as with so, so many more issues, it has become obvious that Canvas does not employee actual teachers. If it did, they'd fix all this stuff in a hurry instead of waiting 5 years and counting for many obvious changes. 

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I would truly appreciate an official response from Instructure on this topic. Is this planned on the timeline for improvements? If not, why not? This is one of the most important functions of an LMS. 

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Same. We moved from two systems to one with Canvas and both allowed this using the Groups feature, which Canvas also has. But it doesn't work for that.

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I've seen a few comments from Canvas team members saying this idea has been backlogged, but I'm really hoping the several pages of comments from teachers over the years pushes this feature up the priority list.

For me, the biggest use is for modified students and ELL students. As a high school teacher, I have a number of students with modified diplomas for whom I need to provide shortened or simplified versions of materials. Similarly, when I have students who are still learning English, I endeavor to provide alternate versions of materials to eliminate some language complexity. This means when I give a quiz or an assignment with different guidelines to meet those students' needs, I need to type in every. single. name. in that class, except the 1-3 per section that I'm assigning the modified content to.

Also, recently since COVID is forcing some students into isolation, students in-class are submitting on paper but students in isolation need to submit it online. Originally I had it set to 'online submission' for everyone, even if most students were submitting a paper copy, but all my students were getting flagged for missing assignments that they'd handed in on paper. The 'everyone except' feature would allow me to set assignment submission as 'on paper' for in-class students and an 'online submission' assignment for students needing to connect from home.

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I have a student in my course who is on modified curriculum.  Instead of putting him in a different course, I'd like to keep him in my course but be able to assign him his own assignments (which I can do) but also assign everyone in my course an assignment and exclude him.  There is a feature to assign it to everyone but I'd like an option to assign to everyone EXCEPT and then list students who would not be assigned that assignment.  Thanks!



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The "everyone except" feature is highly desired and needed in the K-12 range of usage! The general education teacher can create an assignment and assign to everyone except the special education students. Then the special education teacher can duplicate the assignment, modify as needed for the special education students, and assign this adjusted assignment to only the SpEd students. 

Is the only work around now to create new sections? One for general education and one for those students needing modified assignments? Are all instances allowed to make new sections in courses or is that a permission given at the subaccount level?

Canvas - is this request still on the radar?

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The last poster asked: "Canvas - is this request still on the radar?"

I'd like to ask: Canvas, is ANY request still on the radar?