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Assignment Submission as Text Only (problem)

Assignment Submission as Text Only (problem)

I discovered a problem that Canvas needs to correct.

Assignments can be submitted in several ways. We are able to check off those we want to limit options.

If I check off "text entry only" for submission option I have found that students are still able to submit attached files. I do not WANT an attached file. 

This problem seems due to the rich content editor being available to students, even if we have checked "text entry only" for submission. 

If we check off "text entry only" then there should be no options to attach a file to the submission! These icons should be grayed out in the rich content editor, or there should be no rich content editor at all for "text entry only" submissions.

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Community Champion

 @lshulman  consider using New Quizzes for assignments with this need -- specifically, a quiz containing a single essay question. The Rich Content Editor can be unchecked, basically as you described. And any New Quiz is also an Assignment, one which can be graded in SpeedGrader.

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