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Assignment value indicates "mastery" level

Assignment value indicates "mastery" level

I've heard from several faculty members as we have been on our journey with Canvas outcomes, they would like the ability to have the mastery level determined by the gradebook score. This means the outcome could be set so if a student achieves >=80% on the assignment, they exceed the expectation. If the student achieves a 70-80%, they meet the expectation, and below a 70% does not meet expectation. These thresholds would be set when creating the outcome. The outcome assessment would then be computer generated based on the score I put in the gradebook. This would eliminate the additional clicks for faculty. 

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We need this very much!

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This is a very valuable idea. If you create an outcome at an account or subaccount level, and multiple courses want to tie the outcome to a rubric in their course, they have to use the point value set up in the outcome. This can be a problem when the instructor uses a different point value system than another instructor. If the different levels of outcome mastery were set as percents rather than as points, this would allow instructors to use whatever point system they wanted when applying the outcome to a specific assignment.

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This idea supports the Teaching at Scale initiative by allowing outcome use in large courses. If assignments and/or quizzes could have outcome mastery tied to scores, it becomes much easier to manage the collection and reporting of outcome data for large numbers of students.

Imagine a course in which five outcomes are associated with an assignment. If students achieve >80% on the assignment all five outcomes are met, without the instructors or TAs needing to individually mark five rubric criteria for each student. It now becomes possible to consider the use of outcomes for larger courses. 

It would also be nice if outcome mastery could be tied to overall course score. Again imagine a course in which five outcomes are associated with overall course percentage or points. If students are at 80% or higher in the course, the five outcomes could automatically be reported as mastered. Now outcomes reporting in large courses and at the program level becomes much more interesting. 

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