Assignments Allow Default View 'Show as...' to be set at course level




We use tutor groups in a fair few of our courses and would like to have an option to set the default 'Show as...' view. 

The reason for this request is the Assignment Group Title is a good way of indicating to students which Assignments belong to what Tutor Group, which helps with group organisation in the course. The Standard default view causes confusion when students initially encounter this page. 

(I say default but the default is stored in browser cache:

Show by date:



Show by Type:


Clearly one view is better than then other when it comes to displaying information on the assignment page.

Can we please have an option to set a default view at course level

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@prettey  Thanks for sharing this idea! For context, the "Show as..." functionality for students is detailed in  How do I filter assignments by type as a student?

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Hi, I would also like to request this feature as an option for the course designer to be set.

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Yes please! We would even prefer to be able to set assignments "show per type" as the default setting on (sub)account level. 

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I agree, this would be extremely useful. 

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Yes, the default view for my students (show by date) is extremely confusing. I have had to let students know "show by type" is an option. Even worse, I wasn't even aware that students don't see that view by default. It's MY default view (only view, in fact) as an instructor, but students need to toggle the "show by type/date", which they do not tend to do. I work with second language students, which makes the issue even more challenging.

I would like to disable "show by date" as an option for viewing the Assignments page.


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