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[Assignments] Bulk Due Date Changer Publish Option

[Assignments] Bulk Due Date Changer Publish Option

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In some instances, Instructors copy a course over to a new course shell for an upcoming semester and would like to have the option to publish or hide certain content from the assignment due date changer area.

It would be a simple check box or radio button indicating if you would want to publish or not.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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While I suppose the Canvas could add the "publish/ unpublish" option to the Bulk Assignment Due Date changer, it would still be DEATH BY A THOUSAND CLICKS! 

A much better solution would be for "imported content" to come over as "unpublished" by default.

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To build on your suggestion, rather than having it default to "unpublished", it would be even better if there was an option when importing content to set the published state with something like the following options:

  • Use same published state
  • Publish all content
  • Unpublish all content

As for this idea specifically, if they add this feature, it would be good if it includes a check all/uncheck all option for the published setting so that you can avoid having to click on every single one

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That's a great idea! I hope that the Canvas Development Team considers it.

Right now, it's fairly easy to publish a lot of items at once if they are arranged in modules. I have weekly modules, so each week I publish a new module. Every item in that module is published at once.

For the Canvas Development Team - I'm looking for any way to accomplish the opposite. I want to "unpublish" a great deal of imported content at once.