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Assignments and Modules are Slow to Load If There Is a Lot of Content

Assignments and Modules are Slow to Load If There Is a Lot of Content

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I am a Canvas Admin in a K-12 Environment. Although we have used Canvas for about 6 years, this is the first school year we are seeing very heavy use of the platform in all subject areas. One issue that we are starting to run into is that accumulated assignments and modules are causing the pages to lock up and not load all the way for anywhere from 1 minute to even longer to load the page. Sometimes the Assignments page will not load at all unless I use the API to delete several assignments first! So the crux of my idea is making the assignments page and modules page load more efficiently. 

I would love to see a sort of lazy-loading implemented on Assignments and Modules where perhaps the browser only renders assignments as the user scrolls rather than attempting to load the entire course assignments. 

We are only at the halfway point of the school year and this issue is happening in many courses. The assignments page in particular seems to give trouble when there are over 100 assignments. I know 100 assignments may sound like a lot, but that's really just one assignment per school day. We can mitigate it by sorting by grading period but sometimes the page locks up before we can hit that dropdown. That's great for the assignments page but there is no such grading period filter for the Modules page.

I am currently working around it by having teachers offload their assignments into a sandbox course (so they can keep a copy of it) and then mass deleting them with a python script I wrote. 



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Yes please! I'm on several sharing sites, and they take so long to load that sometimes it seems like they're not even worth trying to open. One of them I helped set up, and it took an extremely long time because just moving one document or module (out of hundreds) made the page freeze up for ten to thirty seconds.

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We are seeing the same thing with many of our courses that are hitting more assignments then normal due to the higher demands of Canvas during remote learning, this is even worse due to us using Blueprints which is leading to even more assignments on top of the ones teachers create themselves. This really needs to be addressed!