Assignments within unpublished modules should be unpublished


When you 'unpublish' a module, you should have the option to unpublish ALL of its content from all areas of Canvas.

When you unpublish a module, you generally don't want students to be able to see any content in it (files, assignments, pages etc) until you choose to publish it. However, currently, if you unpublish a module, any assignments within it are STILL visible to students in the Assignments tab and in the Calendar, causing much confusion. This is especially problematic when you copy over a prior version of the course (as most of us do) and intend to update the content from its prior iteration before releasing it. 

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Yes, please! This is a necessary option for curriculum developers as well. Many only forums and groups are expressing this need. Please allow an "unpublish all" option when we uncheck a module.

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PLEASE Enable this feature OR allow for batch unpublishing of Assignment Groups within the Assignments section of the navigation links. This simple bug causes so much angst, confusion and stress among students that just ISN'T necessary. 


ENABLE A WAY FOR TEACHERS TO BATCH UNPUBLISH ALL ASSIGNMENTS, ASSIGNMENT GROUPS, OR FROM THE MODULE (which then unpublishes any unassigned/unsubmitted assignments simultaneously).

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How is this not fixed yet?!?!? We've been complaining since 2016... 

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Right?  I just spoke with Canvas and they said they don't have enough interest yet.  This is such a time waster every semester for all teachers.

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