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Attach multiple quiz questions to one "formula" like stimulus

Attach multiple quiz questions to one "formula" like stimulus

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I teach science, and there are times when in a quiz, I want the students to have a Lab prompt with a data table, and answer a series of questions about this. 

In the formula style question, you are allowed to give a parameters for randomly generated numbers in questions so that every kid gets a different number.

The feature I am suggesting is the ability to have a formula like prompt in a question stimulus that I can then attach questions to. 

It might look something like the screenshot below, where in the table, the numbers in the table of the stimulus are the `x` and `y` of the attached formula questions. 

This would also allow me to make questions much closer to NGSS and the Next Generation Science Assessment.

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Thanks for reading this!

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I also teach, and there are times I would like to have data randomly generated so students get slightly different data on the questions, but then be able to ask a series of questions related to that original data set.  In real life there are often problems that require a series of steps, calculations, or decision making, and it would be great if our quizzes could reflect that.

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@sjensen4  this is a great idea and I would like it too.  If wildcard/variables could be defined in a stimulus then you could have scaffolded questions linked to it.  Perfect for science.

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Love the idea.
Of course it would then be great, if you could save the stimulus with the questions in the question banks also.

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I teach electricity, and would be great if we could place the electrical circuit and variables in the stimulus question. Then construct a series of questions linked to the same variables asking different values like voltages, current, power, etc, all based on the same circuit.