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Attached questions stay fixed to stimulus in item bank

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Attached questions stay fixed to stimulus in item bank

What I want to be able to do is attach questions to a stimulus, then create an item bank of the stimuli with the associated questions fixed to each specific stimuli, to randomise the questions. This feature would really provide more robust, deep learning assessment.


Currently,  with Item Banks and New Quizzes in general, they will always save as separate pieces instead of one cohesive whole since Stimuli and Questions themselves are separate in the system. 

Community Member

This would be a very strong addition to new quizzes. It would allow randomization of the stimulus + questions which is more powerful than the existing tools. I have tried to use detailed stimuli as sources for question material not really supported in new.quizzes but the questions need to be linked to the stimulus in ways that are not currently supported.

Community Member

This will be a very good new feature for new Quizzes. All the community could to do differents stimulus with the questions group randomized. I hope that this new feature can to be incluided in the future realese durring this year.

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Surveyor II

This would be a very helpful tool in making Canvas quizzes more powerful for a math classroom. The desire to add a diagram or prompt and then link multipart questions to it is common when I am trying to figure out how to make meaningful assessments for a math class on Canvas. Many times I feel like I have to choose between best security and repeatability (Question Banks) and best content and test design (multipart, linked questions).


My University just switched from Blackboard to Canvas. In Bb, you were able to have two levels of randomization. That is, students would randomly receive one group of questions. That isn't available in Canvas. I thought the Stimulus questions would be a great way to solve that, but without attaching the associated questions I don't really see the point of the Stimulus questions.