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[Attendance] Include SIS student ID in roll/call / attendance reports

[Attendance] Include SIS student ID in roll/call / attendance reports

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Problem statement:

SIS student IDs are not included in the reports from roll-call / attendance in canvas

Proposed solution:

It would be helpful to include the SIS student ID in reports from roll-call / attendance rather than just the internal canvas student ID - this would allow teachers and admin to compare attendance from canvas with engagement monitoring results from other sources. It seems a bit odd that the SIS student ID isn't included in the report already as pretty well every other canvas tool using IDs uses the SIS student ID rather than the internal canvas student ID (eg lists on the people tab). Roll-call clearly knows about SIS student ID as the report can be filtered by SIS student ID (but not by simple student ID) so this change would lead to increased consistency between the way different parts of canvas behave

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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I'm just hoping that Canvas adds Dark Mode!