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Why do I still have to "save" everything I type!? When I want to enter a comment, please have it auto-save. I shouldn't have to submit it in order to have it save and go through to the student. I have LOST SO MANY COMMENTS/Feedback as a result. I just went in and saw an assignment that I had already graded and wrote feedback for- only to find that the grade and comment were not saved!? This is SO infuriating when I've already spent so much time and effort.

Same with going to Speedgrader to grade written parts of assessments/assignments and having to hit submit/update after confirming answers. Just auto-save the new score as I go through and update them. Please. For example, I go through and manually confirm/correct the first question on a quiz, then have to scroll to the bottom of the quiz to update the score to confirm/record the new score, then I can go on to the next student. Please just auto-save this!!!

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@NicLSim thanks for submitting these feature ideas. While they are related (reducing clicks for instructors and students), they are 2 distinct feature ideas. This makes it difficult for other users to find and vote for either idea. We'll let these go forward for voting if you will please edit this idea to remove the second paragraph and re-submit it as a new feature idea conversation. Thanks!

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I'm not seeing comments as to why this idea was Archived. Can you please indicate why? Loss of data identified by NicLSim is a problem because Comments, in for example, Rubrics, are not auto-saved. I just ran into this issue AGAIN, and it is super-frustrating to have spent a lot of time entering comments only to have them disappear if you navigate away from the page and you neglected to save. I'm resorting to typing all my comments outside of Canvas in a text editor that autosaves, so I don't lose data. Canvas would be better if it fixed this problem.

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This idea was archived because it combines two separate requests (autosave assignment comments and autosave grades), and as such, it cannot generate focused ratings or discussions in its current form. Your comment has added a third, which is already the topic of conversation at Auto Save Rubrics or Give Save Warning - Canvas Community.

Please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community?, and if you'd then like to see these ideas move forward, feel free to create each one as its own discussion prompt.


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I have just lost 45 minutes of work AGAIN!!!!  It seems totally random.  Save, don't save, submit, don't submit, don't leave the window, whatever.  It doesn't seem to matter.  If CANVAS doesn't want you to have it, you won't have it.  This is infuriating!!! 

Is anyone actually monitoring these conversations?  While trying to find a way to locate my lost comments, I have stumbled upon several threads like this - dating all the way back to at least 💥💥2017!!!!!💥💥  Is anybody listening to us??? Or are we just talking to ourselves???

I will now return to my student's paper and try to reconstruct what I THOUGHT I was telling her about her work.  It's truly 🔹pathetic🔹 that I have to spend more time trying to get my comments to my students than they spent on actually producing the writing. 

Speaking of pathetic, here's a pathetic tip:  Have a WORD file open at all times and periodically copy your comments into it.  It's ugly, but at least you'll have something to work with when reconstructing all that CANVAS has lost for you.  Naturally, at 1:30AM on Thanksgiving weekend, for the first time in a long time, I neglected to follow my own advice.  Stupid me. 




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This is still a good idea.