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Auto fill Grades

Auto fill Grades

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I would like to auto-fill grades for multiple students at once. I found a response to another user's request for a feature at:

This post says that this is a painless solution - it is NOT. To have to do the presets, then undo them after the grades have been posted is laborious. I have used a few other LMS that have allowed for an auto-fill that is actually one click of a button (an arrow pops up after you type in a score, then you click on it and all the other students' grades fill in). PLEASE save us time with this quick fix so that we can focus more on the most important part of our jobs - teaching.

Community Team
Community Team
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ABSOLUTELY!!! This is a feature in every SIS gradebook I have worked with and would be super valuable.  It would also be awesome if you could fill "statuses" -- e.g. "Set all ungraded assignments to '0', 'missing', 'late'"

Support, support, support!