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Automatic due date reminder notifications

Automatic due date reminder notifications


Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it is only possible to send these reminders manually.   If there were automatic due date reminders, it would significantly improve my quiz completion rates.

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Yes please!! Students are asking for this. 

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Can't imagine why this is still "Open for Conversation"... now more than ever (with an entire year of online learning, YES our students need reminders (and with our entire lives on ZOOM) it's really challenging as an educator to send reminders individually to all my not as tech savvy students every day before an assignment is due. 

Where do I UPVOTE?

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200% needed!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Canvas, work on it. 

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How has this feature not been implemented?  Yet again another way that Canvas is falling behind its competition.  Especially with the COVID situation right now where most learning has moved online, we really need help reminding our students about deadlines!  I don't have time to send daily reminders to all of my classes about upcoming work, it would be great to have this be automated.  Where is your responsiveness during this epidemic?  Everyone else has VASTLY improved their software to support larger classes, broader use of bandwidth, and online instruction.  I haven't seen anything from Canvas since COVID struck.  Get with it and help us out!

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To my knowledge, I have all the alerts set. However I have still missed some assignments by the due date this semester. I think it would be extremely beneficial to have a feature that will notify us when we have not submitted an assignments, just like an reminder. If an assignment has not been submitted by either a default 24 hours or even a custom set time, the system can text and/or notify via app us that the following assignments have not been submitted.

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Great idea. Allow the reminder time to variable, please, and allow students to opt-out of the reminders if they wish.

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Hi, it is purely frustrating to use canvas notifications system. Please institute a due date based notification. I am constantly forgetting to submit homework because there is no notifications for when something is due. Please don’t just make a 24hr notification either because as a student it’s useless. Instead please make it like 30m or 10m r 5m before it’s due to remind us to turn it in. Also teachers who use canvas do mass uploads which then notify us when we have new materials which make them useless. Many of my teachers spend their weekend opening or uploading all the assignments for the following week and then as a student I never see the notification for when the assignment is due. Please I beg you implement a better notification system so I can be reminded about assignments. Your interface is sometimes very hard to navigate and sometimes teach aren’t very tech savvy. You already have the due dates/times please make a notification for it.

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This would be a useful feature. As someone else mentioned we would also like instructors to be able to specify when the reminders come out. Our use case is as follows.

We have use cases where we are using notifications to manually remind students X amount of weeks before large assignments are due. These are grad students so their due dates AREN'T AS rigid as undergraduate classes.

In summary we would like to be able to remind students of two things:

  1. We REALLY need reminders of assignments that are overdue. Even if it was a new notification preference type we could ask the students to set. We would like them to be reminded daily or weekly when they have an un-submitted assignment that is overdue
  2. We want to be able to do away with our manual reminder/announcement process mentioned above. Instead it would be nice to setup integrated reminders, built into any assignment where we can specify the reminder to go out X amount of weeks/months/days/hours ahead of due date. We make this work currently by setting up the assignments and using announcements manually set specific amount of time ahead of it with a link to the assignment object in the announcement. 

Our learning analytics tool (Linsights) has this functionality available out of the box. We have a number of reports available to measure engagement, progress and retention. Some of the reports we have are:

  • Due dates for assessments across all the courses that each student is enrolled into
  • Last time the student accessed each of their courses
  • Publish status of courses at the start of the term
  • Last time a course was updated
  • Feedback release length

So in Linsights you can go and setup automatic alerts to be sent at any stage and to anyone i.e. you can setup an alert to automatically send students an email x days before an assignment is due

Or if a student hasn't accessed their courses or specific courses for x days, then the system can send the alert automatically to those students.

All alerts are configurable so you can add the message you want. The possibilities are endless.

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I am a student and my teacher posts three or four weekly assignments at a time. Since Canvas only sends me emails when he posts or grades something, I’m only reminded of assignments weeks before their actual due date. I think it would be helpful to have a warning notification that notifies students a day or two before the due date, to remind students to do their assignments. 

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UPVOTE for this feature.

As a professor of graduate students, I would agree with others requesting the option of customization by the student. Graduate students should be able to manage their own schedules and how they are notified of their assignments and not having that flexibility could diminish the value of the feature (as in, they would not use it because it didn't meet their needs).

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The lack of an automatic reminder is is a BIG issue for my students.  GoogleClassroom and other platforms have this feature but why not Canvas?

A little disappointing that this request for a feature has been open since 2018 and it still has not yet been implemented given the impact it would have on student success.

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Any news on why such a poplular suggestion isn't on Canvas roadmap yet? Other LMS systems have reminder features similar to what is being suggested here.

If it hasn't been asked for yet, I would add to the list of use case scenarios that this feature should have an "overdue" reminder as well. Since Grad Students relationship with their instructor and program is different than k-12 and Undergraduate. They can go over their due date but the system should be reminding them when they do so (if the teacher or student turn the feature on)

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Make it happen! It would be great for both students and instructors to have the flexibility to decide whether or not these reminders occur for certain courses and tasks. The default should be "yes".

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I love this idea!!! I have a lot of assignments that I set to be due at 11:59 PM so I would like to be able to set the time for my students to receive a reminder if there is no submission. And to be able to select the assignment this applies to. Maybe in the Create/Edit assignment section. 

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add  feature where u can allow mobile push notifications for assignments that are posted

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Be great if there could be time options pre programmed reminders like in outlook recurring ie 1 day before, 1 week after, 2 weeks after etc.  Having to set reminders manually is not an efficient process when you have numerous units / courses.

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Yes please! If Canvas could implement an automated system reminder regarding assessment submissions and quiz completions coming due would also save me so much time!

Also an option to choose the time frame of when to send the reminder (like you can in Announcements) would be beneficial too 🙂

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Agree with all of the previous comments - removing manual processes removes errors.

Automated reminders would certainly be beneficial to our team - set and forget.


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This would be so helpful. We have so many students who are used to hearing/seeing reminders and they do not look at their task list, as they should. The older students are struggling but the younger kids really need reminders. This would also be seen by parent observers and be quite helpful. When I used Google Classroom, the class calendar sent them reminders. It was great!