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Automatic due date reminder notifications

Automatic due date reminder notifications


Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it is only possible to send these reminders manually.   If there were automatic due date reminders, it would significantly improve my quiz completion rates.

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This really needs to be implemented. The idea of asking the students to do something else is problematic. The whole reason we need automatic reminders that WE can set is that the students have enough on their plates. We want the platform to help us help the students, not provide yet another task for them to complete. Come on.

Community Participant

Add 2 options to any assignment or quiz build. 

The first checkable box would add the Assignment or Quiz to the Class Calendar. 

The second check box would automatically send out a reminder to all assigned students 24 hours before the due date that the quiz or assignment will be due at whatever date and time it is set up. Additionally a second reminder box could be added to remind students 48 hours before an assignment is due.

I think this would add functionality to the calendar and help students stay on track and not miss due dates.

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The ability to set a reminder as students that might send a push notification, or an email reminding the student of when the assignment is due. Similarly, when there is a test, the ability to set alerts to study, in advance, like a one to two week reminder period.

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It will be beneficial for the student to have a reminder, add to the calendar, or display in the to-do list when to complete a practice quiz, an ungraded survey, or an assignment, so they do not miss the deadline as a regular quiz or assignment that does into the final grade.

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make the 'to do' feature customizable. Maybe some kind of customizable notification integration? Like three days before this homework is do, send me a notification (when my schedule suggests I'm most likely free) to make sure that assignment is accomplished. For more lengthy assignments, allow me to increase my notification span so that my attention is drawn to that assignment more times than it would be for a simpler assignment.

New Member

It would be very useful to many students to have a reminder that sends a notification when an assignment is close to its due time. Sending a notification an hour before an assignment is due when they have not yet done it would make the app overall more efficient. Many students would find this useful and would be key to the apps success among college students with busy lives who forget about assignments.

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This will be super helpful: 

- A reminder within an hour before the deadline of a quiz/assignment. 

This will help students lessen the number of missing tasks or forgotten deadlines especially in these era where the professors are not that very forgiving. 

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Thank you for the tip.



Laura Pacter

Community Member

This would be an excellent feature to add.

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Please create this! I want this feature.

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This definitely needs to be a feature they bring into the LMS.

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Our students are begging for this option to remind them when assignments are due.

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Looks like this still in the works? I do use the "notify students who" feature, but being able to set up an automatic message that a due date is approaching, or alternatively having an automatic message go out saying a deadline was missed, would be very helpful for faculty!!

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I agree that this Canvas feature would be helpful for students who rely on their "To Do" lists instead of reading their syllabus to plan for assignments/ exams. Ideally, there would also be a feature where long-term assignments could also be set to remind students at an interval ahead of the final due date. For example, a final paper at the end of the semester could be programmed to give students reminders at 2-week intervals until the due date.