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Automatically Remove Blueprint Associations

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Automatically Remove Blueprint Associations

When a course is deleted (or when someone resets a course which deletes/replaces it) the Blueprint associations stay with the deleted course. In order to free them up you have to figure out the course number, undelete the course, remove the associations, and then delete it again. It would be great if when a course is deleted or reset that the associations are automatically removed from the Blueprint course.

Additionally (not sure if this is a separate ask) if the associated course concludes it would be great for the association to be removed as well.


Thanks for submitting this idea, SHEBENE‌. We've edited the title and the description to specify that the idea pertains to Blueprint associations.


Yes please on both!

Especially for resetting. The usual error pop up doesn't "hey say you are losing your associations" and normally like if you are cross-listed you don't lose all your enrollments when you reset. Comes very unexpected and little tedious to repair. Not that anybody would read it but, not sure if a temp fix could be adding a sentence if you are in a blueprint it will mess up your associations.

End of term also a great time saver 

Community Member

Can we also add the ability to have a "Select All" to help avoid "death by clicking" with deleting courses.

See image: