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Autosave "additional comments" below a quiz question in SpeedGrader

Autosave "additional comments" below a quiz question in SpeedGrader


When moving between student quiz submissions in SpeedGrader (using the left and right arrows at the top), the numerical scores are saved, but the "additional comments" fields below the questions are lost. In order to save these comments, you must click "Update Scores" before switching to another student's submission. (This is all using the "Grade by question (beta)" option -- not sure if that makes a difference.)

I've been told by Canvas Support that this behavior is intentional, but my request is that the "additional comments" fields below the questions be saved, like the numerical scores are, when switching between students, even without clicking the "Update Scores" button. It is quite natural to simply switch to another student when you are done with one, but that simple action erases (potentially) a lot of work commenting on the first student's quiz.

Originally submitted by Ezra Keshet

Also, clicking "update scores" and waiting for the refresh takes a long time. And then you still need to click to the next student and wait for another screen refresh. It would be great if the comments were automatically saved.

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Yes. I've lost literally HOURS of work this month...

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So it looks like folks have been asking for this feature for 3 years and it still has not been implemented.

My #1 reason for wanting to be able to grade question by question and have comments saved is that it ensures that I am grading consistently. When I've got 35 students and a quiz that is over 25 questions, it can be hard to remember just how many points I deducted for the same error and/or what comment I made to explain the deduction. This feature would greatly help fair and consistent grading and me a major timesaver. 

How much longer will it be before this feature is implemented? 

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What is the status? It is now 2019 on a comment thread that started four years ago and I am still losing comments if I forget to click "save" before I move to the next student in SpeedGrader when grading discussions. I also lose any scores I put into rubric fields. At a minimum, there should be a pop-up warning that comment and scores will be lost and asking if I'd like to save. Autosaving comments would be even better. 

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Hi all,

Would love to know when that save option is coming...

I just lost about 90 minutes of comments in speed grader for 1 student on a +150 point grammar exam ... when I clicked on "update scores" ... poof .. nothing in my comment boxes. FYI - I have NO save option on the page, only update scores at the bottom ... Maybe a floating div. so that when you scroll and scroll and scroll it's always available?

My thanks ~Teri

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This is the same issue the rubric comments have. It is too easy to accidentally skip forward to the next student and LOSE all of the individual custom comments and feedback you have just generated for a student.  

A warning or at least an auto-save, like you get now in the comments section below the rubric, is necessary.

Please fix this!

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I'm really surprised that this still isn't a feature. Saving a grade automatically, but not saving a comment, doesn't seem to make much sense; I would venture to guess that the two are usually quite connected in the instructor's mind (e.g., the comment serving as an explanation for the grade entered).

This would be an amazing feature and would save a lot of time currently wasted clicking "update" and waiting for the page to reload (or, forgetting to click "update" while grading tons of short answer questions, and losing a long comment!).

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Please fix this.

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Six years later, we're still stuck with this "bug"? Come on can do better for your customers than this, surely!!

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The bug persists! Canvas seems even less responsive to their customer needs than Blackboard, which says a lot. 6 years and counting...


Of course the fact that the "grade by question" is still in beta stage is also telling.