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Background Image and Themes for designers

Background Image and Themes for designers

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Can you please make an option where we can use an image as the background? For a page I want to use a background image with links on top. 

I'm an instructional designer and we don't have access to themes! That would be the most useful thing! Anything related to design should be given access to designers and teachers. 

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. Themes are specific to accounts and sub-accounts, and access to Themes is a role-based permission controlled by the local Canvas admin. If this is something the admin feels would be beneficial to instructional designers at the school, they can create a custom role that provides this access to IDs.

Background images or watermarks on pages are separate from account themes and can be accomplished with code and careful attention to accessibility. If you would like to work with other community members on the code, the Instructional Designers group is a great place for collaboration. I found this relevant thread, and a search through the forum will likely reveal others.