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[Badges] Use API to assign Badges to Canvas LMS Courses

[Badges] Use API to assign Badges to Canvas LMS Courses

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Problem statement:

The process can be very time consuming to assign Badgr / Canvas Credential badges to Canvas LMS courses because it has to be done manually. The best process we have found is to log into a Canvas LMS Course (enable Badges from the Navigation if it isn't already done so), log into Badgr, input the code, select the issuer, and select the badge, the choose the correct options. For a few courses this is fine, but we have to do this for many courses. At this time it is impossible to do multiple at a time because of timeout errors so this is very time consuming.

Proposed solution:

We would love for there to be a way to programmatically assign badges to Canvas LMS courses using the API. Ideally we would like to see endpoints that allow us to assign badges to courses, choose manual or Canvas Integration awarding, and be able to drill down into the options so that we wouldn't have to manually do anything inside the courses except go in to double check them. Even if options aren't doable, it would be extremely helpful to be able to use the API to select the issuer, the badges, and whether the badges will be manually awarded or done through Canvas integration. Then all we would have to do is go in and finalize the setup by assigning it to modules or adding any additional information. This would essentially bypass the loading screens and logins.

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Community Team
Community Team
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