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Please allow for an option to clear all among other variations (i.e. clear just one class, unread, etc.) to make for a less cluttered UI and just Canvas experience in general. It would help a lot by being able to keep my workspace clear without 150+ read messages and notifications waiting for me on the website and the app.

I'm currently a student at Rutgers University, and I'm sure there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of students who would be in agreement with me. Thanks.


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Hi @kiernanking -

If you are accessing your Canvas Inbox from a browser, you should be able to use CMD+A or CTRL+A to select all items in the window. You likely will need to repeat this, but it does speed up the process of cleaning out your Inbox. (You can also archive if you'd prefer!)

It is also possible to select multiple inbox messages. Press the CTRL button and click on each one. This will highlight only the ones you need to do the bulk action to. Alternatively, you can click the first item in a list, hold the Shift key, and then click the last item. This will select those and everything in between.

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