Batch Edit Due Dates - include Show/Hide Correct Answer dates


The Batch Edit Due Dates feature is excellent, but for some reason the algorithm doesn't capture the Show/Hide Correct Answer dates within each assignment.  This means we still need to go into each assignment to adjust those dates manually.  This seems like an oversight that should be simple to fix.

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Instructure Alumni
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Thanks for sharing this. It is directed at Classic (Old) Quizzes; New Quizzes does not yet have the date restriction on the Show/Hide setting. Our product teams are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes, which is scheduled to be deprecated early next year, so we've archived this idea. The development and implementation of New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date is a prerequisite that would have to be completed before changes could be made to the batch date editing functionality. Please add your support to that idea.


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Ah - that explains it.  I've added my support to the idea you shared.