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Batch add rubric to assignment group

Batch add rubric to assignment group

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It would be great if we could batch add a rubric to an assignment group. Right now, you have to add individual rubrics to individual assignments.

For example, suppose students are required to do 5 presentations throughout the course of the semester. I now have 5 assignments listed in the "Presentations" group. If I am using the same rubric for all presentation, instead of manually adding in the rubric to each assignment, I could just attach the rubric to that assignment group and that would automatically apply the rubric to all the assignments in that particular group.

Alternatively, another option would be to be able to select multiple assignments (regardless of the group they are in) and simply batch apply one rubric to them.

Community Team
Community Team
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I agree. I have standard rubric that I used for many assignments. When I tweak the rubric, it takes forever to reassign the new version to existing assignments.

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The ability to add the same rubric to an assignment group in canvas, instead of individually adding a rubric to every single assignment that has the same grading format. 

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