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Better Visual for Opened/Closed Discussion Status

Better Visual for Opened/Closed Discussion Status

When a Discussion is marked as 'opened' or 'closed' they will automatically be moved to either the Discussions or Closed for Comments group on the Discussion page. But when a Discussion is 'pinned' there's no visual indicator (symbol, color, etc.) showing it's open/closed status. This means that a closed discussion may appear in the Pinned group leading to a problem for both instructors and students. For instructors, this condition makes the 'Open for Discussion' menu option for a given Discussion seem more like an incorrect status indicator than a setting, leading to confusion or misinterpretation. Consequently, the confusion of instructors can lead to frustration for students who have been asked to comment on a closed & pinned discussion, but students will only know that they can't reply and not that the discussion is closed - and so students can't inform their instructors, admins, or Canvas what the actual problem is. 

Please add a visual indicator (e.g. OPEN / CLOSED) to each Discussion item shown on the Discussion page that clearly indicates it's open or closed status to both instructors and students. The indicator should appear near and compliment the existing symbol indicators for Published and Subscribed (see attached example). 


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Or perhaps 'OPENED / CLOSED' for clarity.