Blueprint Functionality: Lock All Module's Content


Our workflow is development shell - (copy) -> blueprint shell - (sync) -> live sections for each course for each term launch. 

It would be incredible to have a "local all module items" button on the module page after turning a standard shell into a blueprint as opposed to having to click each and every single module item.

Thanks for the consideration!

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I very much agree with this!  Having a "lock all" feature in the blueprint, then allowing us to unlock specific would be so much faster than having to lock each item.  I would extend the idea to locking not only module content, but all pages, files, etc. as well.  This can be a very tedious process.

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I agree with this as well.  There is a "Publish / Unpublish" check mark toggle at the top of the row.  Seems it would be simple to add a "Lock / Unlock" toggle to the left of it.  Very tedious to go through multiple courses and click all of the Modules to lock then one at a time.

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Is this not possible yet? I see there is something in setting, but when I click it on to lock ... nothing occurs on the courses?

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I am surprised this has not been implemented yet.  Going through hundreds of courses and clicking each one of these in modules is tedious and time-consuming.

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Yes, we would very much like this functionality as well.

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