Bulk Actions for editing course/assignment settings and syncing blueprints


As an admin if I want to have all courses or assignments follow the same settings these changes currently have to be made one by one.  I would like to be able to push out settings to all courses/assignments as a bulk action.  Simliarly I would like to be able to sync all blueprints to their associated courses as a single bulk action instead of one by one.

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Before voting this up... can you give me a little more explanation of what you're meaning?  I know when I make assignment changes in my BP course it syncs to those linked.

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It would be great if the course list for a blueprint association could be added in bulk...as with adding People to a course. This could potentially solve the issue of sending announcements to a disparate list of courses (i.e., not in the same sub-account). The association could be made--course-list added from a csv column (copy/paste SISID), synced, and finally disassociated.

If there is another way for this (for an admin role), please share!

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