Bulk Delete Discussions/Assignments/Quizzes

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Is there a way to bulk delete Discussions/Assignments/Quizzes similar to how all unwanted Announcements can be deleted using the checkbox and selecting multiple announcements and deleting all at a time?

I understand that we can delete multiple assignments by deleting its Assignment Group. Most times, my courses do not have Assignment Groups. Also, when I wanted to delete multiple Discussions/Quizzes at a time, it is time-consuming and tedious to delete one by one. I understand that having a checkbox would be a design limitation or a safety measure to not delete all data at a time. But, it would be good to have the Bulk Delete (check box) option for Discussions/Assignments/Quizzes.



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Thanks for sharing these ideas, @PallaviJalakam . As these are separate feature areas, they're being evaluated separately. Please add your comments and ratings to:

Bulk Delete Discussions

delete batches of assignments (this covers quizzes as well, as New Quizzes are based on the assignment type)

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Thank you, @Stef_retired, for the direct links to previous ideas. I have added my comments.

Pallavi Jalakam