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Bulk Editing Options for Announcements

Bulk Editing Options for Announcements


Currently on the announcement page of a course if an instructor wants to bulk delete announcements they must check the box next to each announcement before they can click delete button. Additionally, an instructor must edit each announcement one by one to change the delay date. This is tedious process and a waste of instructors' time. 

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I am definitely pro anything that will add more control to the announcements.   Bulk delete and publish/unpublish (which should be called 'hide/show' IMHO) are definitely needed.

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I also think this is a great idea

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I think an option to use a Publish/Unpublish setting would be amazing. Prepping now for fall I wish I could draft all of my old announcements to edit and reuse in this future semester rather than having to do it one by one. It would make it easier for instructors to communicate more efficiently with students via the announcement tool.

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Voted! Please, everyone keep upvoting this related idea which is very popular, but isn't yet picked up as of 2019Q3:

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There is a great Google Sheets Add On for a Mass update of assignment due dates.  Couldn't the same sort of thing be done for the Announcement dates?

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YES! We're in the Blackboard-to-Canvas process and being able to bulk edit last semester's announcements' "Post at" date would be very, VERY helpful in reloading for this semester.

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Please, please, please. I manage 5-7 courses each semester with over 1000 students. Announcements are such a pain, but are so important in my course management.

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Yes, this is a critical need

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This would be super helpful. In the times where computers can do repetitive tasks so humans can focus on the contextual information, this would definitely help with saving time. One of my old announcements that I had post dated to a year later (to prevent it from being sent out) was just sent out last week!! students have since graduated and probably wondering what the hell I am doing over here haha. Now I have to manually go back and delete all 50-60 announcements per course (can't even tell you how many courses there are) here we go, spending hours on something that the software should do for me. Please fix this. Thank you

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YES!!! I SO agree that we need MUCH more control over our announcements and editing them and changi9ng posting times and delay date/times. AND we need "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the bottom of the announcement currently in view so we can move through them without having to return to the (beginning) of the main Announcements page. SO tedious and time-consuming to try to manage announcements.

Also, i want to be able to globally set a publish date for announcements as I am importing a course to make a new one, so I can, for example, set them all to the week after course ends and then one by one bring in desired announcements as needed in the  new semester.

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Yes, please add PUBLISH/UNPUBLISH and DATE TO PUBLISH features in Announcements!!!  After every single of my classes I send a summary of the class and the homework assignment.  This has been very helpful for my students.  🙂  But there is no reason why I should have to repeat all the announcements if I am teaching the same course.

THIS WOULD BE SO HELPFUL!     Thanks so much for listening to faculty members.    🙂 

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Totally agree!  If it is all possible can you, please, enable this feature in Canvas!


Thank you for your consideration!

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I agree, this is a much needed feature! I was surprised not to find some sort of "select all" button

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Agreed that this is needed! Related - it would be ideal to be able to have announcements saved as drafts so there is no concern with them auto-sending at the wrong time. Putting the send date after the end of the course is one solution, but simply being able to save drafts without setting a publish date would also help address this and the bulk editing (much as you're able to bulk edit assignment dates) would be tremendously helpful.

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Yes to all these comments about bulk updates to announcements. I'd like to add one more need. When I copy a course, I reuse standard announcements each term. I would like to have my profile picture showing instead of the circled U. Right now, I have to copy the text and paste it into a new announcement to make this happen. When I do this, there is a bunch of extra text that automatically copies and can't be deleted except by going into HTML mode - more steps that take more time!

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I would also like to have the ability to mass delete announcements without having to click each individual announcement. I have several RSS feeds being delivered to the announcements and when I copy the course for a new semester I have to individually click all of these to delete. Please make a bulk selection to delete emails a feature.

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Mass delete!  So obvious!

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Ditto. It's a no brainer. 

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This needs to get brought back into the conversation. A tool to bulk edit announcements, as we have for assignments, should be investigated.

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I support the idea of having a bulk announcement date management editing screen like the one for Assignments.