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Can we add a function to bulk change assignment status?

I'm teaching in a HyFlex module currently. For each class meeting, I create an assignment. Students who have attended in person will be given the points; students who missed the class will be able to watch a recording of it, then submit written response within a week to contribute.

Problem is for the students who attended in person and are given a complete grade without them having to submit anything. Once the due date has passed, they are flagged as "missing", even though they have technically completed the assignment (by attending). It's difficult to visually see how students are doing when everything is labeled "missing".

This use case cannot be solved by Canvas simply by removing the status when a grade is given, since it's possible that a late status needs to be preserved. Therefore, we need a way to bulk change assignments for multiple students.

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This is definitely a necessity. I like how Skyward allows you to mark or unmark assigments as missing or late. I also like being able to mark assignments with a specific point value. 

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I have SO MANY students out for Covid related reasons, so I am having to enter grades as missing and zero.  Much of what I do uses an external program that doesn't sync with Canvas, so my grades are entered manually.  I would love to have a way to mark a large number of students with assignments as missing without having to click on each students assignment, then click missing, then click the next student.  It is a TON of clicking when I have 120 students and 20%+ that are out right now.  Would there be any way to get a missing check box (or similar) added to the "set default grade"?  I know I can use that to enter the grade as zero, but a box that can be checked for missing would be AMAZING!!!

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I would like to request this feature as well. I'm in the same predicament.

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After entering grades for student work that has been submitted, I would like to be able to mass mark the remaining students that hadn't submitted the work to not only a "Zero", but also with the Status of "Missing". Currently, we can set the remaining scores to Zero with the "Set Default Grade" function (not overwriting the existing entries), but you have to go to each Zero and change the Status. Really clunky and time consuming! 

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Chiming in here to upvote the need for a solution to this problem.

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For assignments complete through a third party extension, or ones submitted on paper, I think it would be EXTREMELY helpful if there was an option to set default grade as MISSING from the top of the column in the gradebook. 


It is tremendously tedious to have to manually go through each student who has not submitted an assignment and individually mark it as missing.

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Please add this feature.

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