Bulk edit assignments with multiple dates


There is no way to bulk edit Avail/Due/Until Dates for assignments with multiple-dates.  It is extremely time-consuming to manually set the dates for each of my 44 lecture assignments, where each assignment has 3 lecture sections (3 different groups) with different dates. Add it to the LONG list of desired Canvas enhancements.  

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I agree with this 100%!

I have a lot of assignments (close to 100) that I have to go through and manually click on From, Due, Until on each one. I am also bothered by the fact that when I click Item to select everything, none of the group assignments are selected, nor do they have a box beside them.

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I agree! I have a combined shell course with many sections and I do 1 assignment each week for the course but there are different due dates assigned by section. It would be nice if I could somehow quickly do this or could copy the assignment and advance all due dates by a week. You can do this for an assignment to everyone, but not differentiated assignments.

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I agree this would be very helpful when working with students who need accommodations as well as with those who are in different sections.

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This would save me SO much time. I teach a class that has 550 or so students which means I've got a lot of accommodations and things I have to manually enter for every single activity. Not to mention time conflicts in such a large class. Being able to copy these after entering them only once would significantly increase my productivity. It would cut down on human error in the system as well.

This feature (meaning lack thereof) is my number 1 complaint about the Canvas system.

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Don't hold your breath. Canvas is a good product, but my number 1 complaint is the org is not responsive to user feedback about necessary improvements.  My own IT staff (U Colorado Boulder) says that requests for improvements go into a black box.  Our staff has given up on Canvas and is creating its own 3rd party enhancements.  mike Dubson

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Agreed, we also need to be able to select by assignment groupings as I have 4 different classes in my staging site that I need to change the due dates for.

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According to this Q/A, while one can edit the differentiated dates on the bulk/batch edit screen, you cannot add differentiated dates if none exist for an assignment. This means you really can't use this screen at all if you have DD's, since you must go in and add them all manually anyway:



PLEASE add this simple feature...which seems like more of a bug fix to me.


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