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[Calendar] Confirmation/Warning When Deleting Appointment Groups

[Calendar] Confirmation/Warning When Deleting Appointment Groups

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Problem statement:

When instructors create an Appointment Group in their Canvas Calendar and decide to delete one of the time-slotted events, they are provided with a confirmation/warning message to ensure that the action is intentional. "Confirm Deletion: Are you sure you want to delete this event?" If they open "Group Details," however, and the "Delete Group" option is selected, there is no such confirmation, and all appointments are immediately removed from the calendar even if they have already been reserved.

Proposed solution:

Add a warning/confirmation message to the "Delete Group" button. Since the "Delete Group" button is located directly next to the "Cancel" button, it can be confusing and problematic if accidentally clicked on. Instructors expect to see the usual confirmation message when deleting events, so may not even realize what has happened until students ask about the appointment cancellations they have received.

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Community Team
Community Team
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