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Calendar Series

Calendar Series


I created a series of recurring events in the calendar. My weekly office hours for recurring on Tuesdays for 8 weeks. Unfortunately I had the wrong information and needed to delete the series. When I went in to delete I did not get the option to delete or edit the series.  I could only delete each calendar even individually I could not edit or delete the entire series.

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I whole-heartedly agree with all this!  My district just changed our schedule, so I need to go back and, one-by-one, edit each of the meetings that I already entered.  It's definitely NOT the best use of my time at the moment.  An option to "edit/delete this and all future events" similar to Google Calendar would be extremely helpful.  

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I have hundreds of names and events posted in single days on my Calendar. We migrated from BlackBoard to Canvas in 2020. I recognize some names from 10-15 years ago. Somehow, the events have been saved in BB over the years and accumulated in the Canvas Calendar. The Canvas chat person communicated that my only option was to individually delete these and they shouldn’t show in the future when I copied the course.  This will take hours to complete instead of a few simple clicks.

If previous events will show in future course Calendars and “clog” the day boxes of the Calendar, it makes it better not to use this feature of Canvas. The purpose of having repeating events is to be more efficient. This isn’t efficient.

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