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Calendar for each Section within a Course

Calendar for each Section within a Course

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I cross-listed my course sections to make building the course easier.  However, my ability to schedule calendar events for each section no longer exists.  At the secondary level, each section represents a different period/block of the day, and therefore will need to be represented by different calendar events and preferably, different calendar colors.  It would be great if this could be added as an option.  

Also, I would love the option to mass delete a recurring calendar event, instead of going in one by one to do so.

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for general conversation, we'll invite you and other participants who favor the second idea contained in the description—"mass delete a recurring event"—to go over and add their comments to the discussion already underway at Calendar Series .


I teach different sections of my course on different days. I would like to be able to select the section my calendar event applies to in the same way that I can select which section my assignment is for. That would make the Calendar a much more useful tool for me.


I have divided my course (caseload, I'm a related service provider) into sections.  I'd like each section to see on their calendar when they have a group with me.  I'd also like to link the invite to our zoom sessions. 


Our school has multiple elementary teachers (as many as 15 per grade) sharing 1 grade level course with different sections all requiring different Zoom links for live classes. This feature would make it possible for younger users to find everything they need-- links for live lessons, groups, and assignments all in one place. This feature would be so amazing for their independence and for management from teacher's perspective. 



Currently, when a teacher posts something on Canvas Calendar, it posts for their whole course.   It would be great if they can post things on Canvas Calendar based on sections of a course, not the course as a whole.   The reason I say this is because teachers have links to their Google Meets.  They designate one for each hour they teacher.  Right now, students are seeing links for all hours.  If their was a differentiation tool for Canvas Calendar, this could be fixed.  


Thank you!

Surveyor II

I agree that this is functionality that needs to be added.  When adding meetings or Zoom links to the calendar for different periods, having the ability to choose which section each meeting is for would be very beneficial not just for the teacher but also the students and observers so that their calendar and to-do list is not cluttered with events not pertaining to them.


+1 for being able to create calendars for each section of a course. I teach 5 periods of the same class, and if I schedule events on the calendar, it shows up for every section. If each section had it's own calendar, the students calendar would be much clearer and less cluttered.