Can we have a Save button instead of having to click on Return to save a quiz



Is it possible to have a Save button next to Submit button in New Quizzes.

The quizzes for our cohort and quite indepth and lengthy and there are times when a student is not going to finish a quiz in one sitting.

Clicking on Return and then Home to save their work is confusing and if not done correctly results in the students losing their work.

A Save function would alleviate this problem.

It would also help if once they submitted there quiz there was a Next function so that they could move on without having to go back to the home page.

Thank you


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I second this idea! The "Return" button is not a good User Experience because that word doesn't show up anywhere else in Canvas. (Neither does "Build" for that matter)

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Community Team
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Thank you Kristin 🙂


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