Canvas Administrator mobile app?

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Hello, I am an account administrator in an educational institution in Brazil, and sometimes I am not in my work base to be able to correct some kind of error in the disciplines pointed by some teacher or some emergency.

I know I can use a mobile browser, but it's not one of the best experiences.

It would help a lot if Canvas had a mobile app for account administrators, which would allow us to solve problems much more quickly and effectively.

It could even be a copy of the teacher's app, but with a few more permissions.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @oseias_souza ,

This is not the first time this idea has been brought up in the community. In fact, I'd like to point you to this previous discussion in the Canvas Mobile Users Group that included the mobile product manager:

Canvas Mobile Apps, Not Just for Students & Teachers Anymore? 

I would suggest you add your ideas to this thread. 

You could also create a Feature Idea, but I suggest you focused that idea on specific features you might want to be added to the existing apps instead of just suggestion a new app. 

If you create an idea, please post back here. Thanks. 

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