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Canvas Announcements to contain Module Titles instead of Module Codes

Canvas Announcements to contain Module Titles instead of Module Codes

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Hey Folks,

As Programme Leader I get a lot of email notifications from Canvas. They are generated when a staff member makes an announcement within a module. The problem is that the email comes through with Module codes and numbers rather than Module Title and course level. Students have also commented on it being confusing, as they do not use module codes daily. For example:

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 16.05.02.png




Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 16.41.24.png


Module names in the titles, and in an ideal world, the Module Leader as a default signature would be really, really, helpful  🤔

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Community Team
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This is very interesting, because Canvas does not have a provision to create an announcement from a module; similarly, this is the first I've heard of "module codes."

I just created an announcement in a course using the Announcements tab and the text at the top of the email notification of the announcement sent to students displayed the name of the course. 

I wonder if your references to "modules" are meant as references to "courses," in which case whatever displays across the top of the email would be the course name that is derived directly from the naming convention your organization has used.

Would you check with the staff member to see how they're creating these announcements?


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Wow! 🙂


No... the "course" ie BA Media Production, is called the Programme. To earn the degree, the students have to complete all "Modules". Each Module Leader will create announcements from within their Modules with information specific to that Module. All University Modules have a code so that they can be identified on the internal systems for all kinds of reasons from timetabling to assessment etc. The course/programme itself also has a code and separate Canvas page for mass comms. Email me if you'd like to chat further:

Community Team
Community Team


Thanks for providing the terminology used by the university. Canvas uses the term "module" to denote the organizational items defining the pathway within a course, as detailed in  What are Modules? 

Are you the Canvas admin for the organization? If you are, we'd be happy to ask your school's Customer Success Manager (CSM) to discuss course and section naming protocols, and if not, please ask the admin to look into the origin of the information that displays in emailed notifications, as Canvas will fill that field with the course name.

Thanks again, and let us know.