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Canvas Class Homepage Design

Canvas Class Homepage Design

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As a web graphic designer with working knowledge of UX/UI I suggest a district wide template for class home pages. Each is set up differently which causes consistency issues for students and parents who are trying to help. Large photos push content below the fold. Multiple graphics are distracting if they are not key to the content being presented. Icons can be hard to read with poor contrast. Even the variation in the links in the left nav class to class is inconsistent. If content can be reached from a left navigation then it doesn’t need double exposure on the page as a icon.

I noticed this while trying to learn Canvas to help my ADHD 7th grader and discussed it with my ADD 11th grader and he confirmed that the inconsistency is a problem.

I’m sure the teachers enjoy personalizing their homepage as if it was a class room but it’s distracting to remote learning. My suggestion would be to keep that creativity to the teacher's web page and keep Canvas environment simple and consistent to maximize engagement.

Michelle Rich

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. Since it is a request for a district-wide design, would you please send it directly to the eLearning department or local Canvas admin? The district is in the best position to evaluate the home page design that will work best for its own faculty and student body.

We've archived this idea accordingly.

Our design team offers home page templates that anyone can download and modify. Here are a few examples, and you'll find more when you browse through the Instructional Designers group:

2020 Course Design Essentials: Home Page & Sample Module Template

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