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Canvas Commons Preview

Canvas Commons Preview

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

It would be great if you could preview the actual content you find in Commons before you download it.  This is especially true in regards to modules.  I want to be able to see the quiz questions instead of just knowing there is a quiz in it.

Comments from Instructure

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2019-01-05).

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Kyle Follett and I are wondering if we should include the correct answer, or no answers in a quiz preview. And any details about why this is important or not is appreciated as well!

Below are comps of our designs so far for quiz preview. Your feedback is much appreciated!



Adventurer III

Those pictures aren't visible to me. They are linked from Slack. Says I need to sign in to to see them. I would vote for having the quiz preview to not show the answers. As a teacher, I would be more interested in seeing the questions because I would be checking the answers myself anyway if I like the questions enough to import it into my course.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Same thing about the picture...cannot see them.  Smiley Sad


Sorry about that, I reposted the images. Hopefully they will show up for you now. Thanks for letting me know!

Community Team
Community Team

They didn't show up for me previously, Deactivated user​ but they do now.


I think showing correct answers as well as any answer comments is worthwhile, but depending on the resources required would understand if these items did not make it into Commons object previews.

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I generally get the sense that these are pretty good. I have not dug into the details but I would be curious how faculty and teachers react to this level of detail and quantity of information. I am concerned that it make searching overwhelming and greatly increases the research load as Commons moves to scale. I wonder if instead some of this information can be collapased by default and commons could work a bit more on giving you a blunt assesment based on the search algorthym of the accuracy of this result related to search criteria. Might be very interesting to allow user to have sliders that adjust the various criteria (e.g., outcomes, quality of user, ranking)

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This is a great suggestion!  I've heard this from faculty as well--they want to see what the content is (or at least more of a preview than a description) before going through the work of importing it into a course and then viewing it there.

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Thank you for submitting this, kbeimfohr​!

A preview capability would also be helpful in terms of being able to tell whether or not the download/import worked.

(I've downloaded/imported a couple of templates but they did not appear to have "worked" and I can't even start troubleshooting because I don't know what it is I'm supposed to be seeing.)

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I may be late to the discussion, but I wish Assignments had the same preview feature that documents have.