Canvas Community App?


Hello, I am a student at Independence University and came up with the idea of a Canvas Community App and wanted to get some opinions.

Seeing what everyone's thoughts would be about it? It would be nice to have a community to be around all-over. I think communication is the key to keeping up with Positivity thoughts throughout this process of College. Any ideas? Agreements?

Feel free to comment or share! Thanks! 😁

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Community Team
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You have entered this idea into the Canvas Community, actually.  So that already exists, but it doesn't sounds like it is in the way you are thinking.

Creating a 'community' style app for a school would be difficult due to FERPA - not impossible, but complex for sure.  It's not really in the scope of Canvas, so we're going to archive this conversation.

There is a networking tool that is already available and you may want to explore further...  Portfolium Network - Canvas Community 

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Community Team
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I just worded it wrong. How do find my canvas Email location? Is it found on the IU canvas? Or here?