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Canvas Peer Review Auto-assign doesn't auto-assign late submissions

Canvas Peer Review Auto-assign doesn't auto-assign late submissions

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I am frustrated that late assignments are ignored by the auto-assign feature of peer-reviews. If a student submits even 1 minute past the deadline, Canvas will not auto-assign a peer review, making the "automatic" part not so much. I then have to go in and manually assign them. Apart from the obvious inconvenience to my practice, this can delay students moving forward and this is deadly for them, especially to students already prone to being behind. 

Could we please have an "allow late submissions auto-assigned peer review" option in the peer review section of assignments for those of us who allow late submissions, and to be more equitable to students who need to submit late assignments without having to wait on me to realize it and manually assign them?

Thank you!

Community Team
Community Team
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I like this idea. I've encountered the same problem described and as an instructor it is time consuming to go back and manually assign. At the same time, the students are waiting. Maybe this is something that can be considered for assignments 2.0?

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Agreed. I'd like to be able to automatically assign peer review to all students, even if some have not submitted the original assignment. Peer feedback has pedagogical value whether a student has submitted the original assignment or not.

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I agree! I allow late submissions and am constantly having to reset the peer review assignment, which is very time consuming.