Canvas Student: No need for lock sign on course card


When I check "

Please consider removing this lock sign.

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 @hkashleva , as you've noted, the course card UI is different depending on whether the student is viewing Canvas through a browser or via the Canvas Student app. The reason is that functionality differs between these two platforms: Canvas Student has a feature that allows students to view their grades directly on the course cards, whereas this functionality does not exist for the browser.

So the lock has a distinct function as a visual indicator to students using Canvas Student that grades in that particular course are not available; it serves as a preliminary explanation to students wondering why they perhaps are able to see their grades on the cards for some of their courses, but not others.

With this in mind, would you still like to see this idea move forward for voting?

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Thank you for the response, Stefanie.

The problem with the lock sign is that it gives students the wrong message. The grades are NOT locked - students can see them. The only 'locked' thing is the calculation of the 'total' grade. And it's not locked but rather hidden.

So students get confused. They cannot see the difference and keep asking what is 'locked'.

It seems that the 'lock' sign causes more confusion than does help.

Perhaps this 'lock' sign on the cards was meant to show that grades are 'muted' (or 'hidden')? But in my course, they were not. The only hidden thing was the calculation of the 'total grade.

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for elaborating on the use case, Helena. We've opened the idea for voting as a request for a change to the course card UI for Canvas Student after modifying the idea title slightly.


Hi, I agree with the issue.  The lock makes it look like you're locked out.  A different icon is needed, or none at all.

Here is how it looks for one student and the lock to a student looks like "I'm locked out of this course"


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