Canvas Student (iOS and Android): Have links to pages within modules behave like modules


Currently if you link to a page that is part of a module, then when you click on it, you don't get the Next/Previous navigation links. You would have to open the module separately, navigate to the correct page, then open it that way. The browser version doesn't have this problem.


I would like the page link to work just like the browser does and include the navigation arrows.


not like this:

not like this



but rather, like this:

289342_Screenshot_20180829-162207_Canvas Student.jpg

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Voted! I'm sharing this with the Canvas Mobile Users Group‌.

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Yeah, this is an issue when courses have front pages that are designed to "act as" module placeholders. I agree, it would be nice to see this fixed. 

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We have modules with dozens of pages. We need to be able to get students to particular sections of a module without going through the whole module page list.  The home page make it possible to link to the first page of each section. But not for the app users. Its also important for the desktop interface to match the app so we don't have to provide two sets of instructions.

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As suggested by stefaniesanders I am merging my idea with this idea to consolidate the votes. 

Below is the description of the similiar issues I encountered at our end:


On desktop and mobile web browsers, when we click on the links on the wiki pages to other pages (organised) in the modules, the Next and Previous Module Item buttons will appear.


When viewing the course using the iOS and Android Mobile App, the user experience is not the same as compared to viewing the course using web browsers.

When we click on the links on the wiki pages to other pages or items (organised) in the modules, we can view the page we link to but the Next and Previous Module Item buttons will not appear.

This breaks the flow of the course content and confused the learners.

Viewing the course using mobile app.

The Next and Previous Module Item buttons will only appear when we click on "Modules" on the course menu to navigate through the content structure to reach the page or item.



Align the user experience on both web browser and mobile app on Android and iOS to allow Next and Previous buttons to appear as long as the items are organised in modules, regardless whether the user navigate to the items from the course menu or from a link on a page.


This idea aims to improve the user experience for an idea to add Next and Previous Module Item Buttons in Canvas Mobile App is created on Jul 2015 and has been deployed to Canvas Mobile App on Mar 2016.

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+1 !

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Absolutely, yes! many of our learners are graduate teachers and/or busy professionals on the go, highly likely to access the LMS on their mobile and/or tablet devices. Coherent and obvious navigation from any jump-off point is a must - thanks!

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