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Canvas Studio - Prevent fast forwarding

Canvas Studio - Prevent fast forwarding

I would like to prevent students from fast forwarding the canvas studio quiz videos. 

Please allow teachers to use a toggle button to disable fast forward. Edpuzzle offers this "prevent skipping" feature.


Community Team
Community Team

Yeah I don't mind if students slow down my videos or speed them up, I just don't want them to be able to fast forward past the video and try answering the questions before they've watched the video content. Thanks! Smiley Happy

Explorer III

I freely admit that, despite upvoting this, I will get cranky if it is used on me in a class where I am not taking a quiz, but want to fast forward through redundant training materials on items I am already familiar with to get to new information.

I also read quickly, and sometimes I will save time by reading closed captioning until I get to a point where I need to watch the video itself purely to save time (because these days, there is never enough time).



Community Member

I teach a credentialed class where we have to record how much time a student spends online in a video. I can stop them with quizzes embedded but I can't prevent them from skipping to the next quiz. I strongly encourage this feature.


I agree with you, Madeline, but there can be issues here.

Video Quiz SettingsVideo Quiz Settings

If you hide video controls from students, there can be a problem with backtracking. Students will not be allowed to return to the previous question nor change their answers on that question. Furthermore, because video controls are hidden, question markers will also be hidden.

Surveyor II

I love this idea! It seems like a natural and helpful tool that would prevent students from jumping around if the teacher so wishes. Thanks for sharing! This has my vote!