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Canvas Studio Quiz: Allow Editing & Auto Regrade

Canvas Studio Quiz: Allow Editing & Auto Regrade

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It would be helpful if an instructor could update a Studio quiz correct answer choice after students have taken the quiz. If an instructor accidentally selects a different correct answer than intended, there isn't a way to fix this once any students have taken the quiz other than manually checking each student's answer and manually overriding their scores in Speedgrader or Gradebook in a separate window. It would be great if a teacher could update the quiz and for students' grades to update accordingly.

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I would love this for all quizzes; it is another lost perk in our transition from blackboard.

Community Team
Community Team
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Agreed! I've already run into this situation and manually going in to edit each grade for 140+ students was no fun. Thanks for considering!

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Canvas interface HORRIBLE in Studio Quiz.


Cannot edit tests once they are imbedded. I'm not perfect and sometimes tests need to be adjusted. CANVAS DOES NOT ALLOW IT! Bad IT. Fix the problem. It creates for bad teaching and extra frivolous steps for teachers. Thanks.

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