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Canvas gradebook grade capped at 100%

Canvas gradebook grade capped at 100%

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We need the ability to max canvas gradebook averages at 100%, regardless of what grades the teacher has added. 

We have a SIS integration with Renweb/Facts. We have several awesome students who get 100% on all assignments. Once in a while the teacher will offer extra credit on an assignment, so the student will occasionally earn 105% or so on an assignment (100% for the perfect assignment plus the 5 bonus points). However, when the six weeks grade is calculated, his grade will average to like 102%. We cannot have this on a report card. The max we can show is 100%. 

It would be awesome if there was an admin toggle we could use to max ALL gradebook averages at 100%. Adding this as a feature for each course would be cool too, but probably better if there was one place to specify if we as a school permit grade averages to exceed 100%. Assignment averages over 100% are ok, but not the six weeks average. 


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Community Team
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