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Catalog Course Drop Notifications

Catalog Course Drop Notifications


As a Catalog Admin, it would be beneficial to receive a notification when a student drops a course in Catalog since we have no control over this option.  It would also be beneficial for the Catalog user to receive an email confirmation they dropped a course that we could customize with next steps for who to contact.  For example, just because a student drops a course in Catalog doesn't mean they would receive a refund and if we are offering courses that are CBE and not instructor-led it isn't always easy to find who dropped a Catalog course.


 @Tasha_Biesinger ‌,  @lynn_greenough ‌,  @zhanweiw , ‌ please vote this up!

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What a great feature request! It would be especially great if it could be a course-specific setting, since I can envision courses where people are very concerned about enrollment drops and other courses where they are not. But when it matters, it really matters!


Excellent idea! I will share with our ccc system in the hopes of generating more votes. We are in need of this feature as well, as when students drop, they reasonably expect the drop will generate a refund request of some sort. Instead, we have to rely on them to email us to request a refund and include their registration email as well so we can match their receipt number with the transaction ID in our payment gateway, Paypal. This often leads to delays and back and forth emails to get the information we need in order to process the refund.

Thank you for requesting this! I imagine this would make the process significantly simpler for all schools that use Catalog for their paid professional development courses, as I am unaware of any automated process for refunding dropped courses within Catalog.